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It began with… you guessed it, two pots and a pan! Well not literally…

I was a student, new to the country and new to the concept of my own kitchen! After an exciting adventure/shopping spree at Walmart (as a new student, the options were slim), I was a proud owner of a brand new t-fal set (on sale) and a few other odds and ends that were graciously handed-down to me by family. That you can say was when it all truly began.

Dreaming about stainless steel and shiny kitchen gadgets seemed frivolous after all I was standing in a 6′x8′ kitchen designed for students, who boiled the occasional water and zapped the occasional microwave meal. To me it was my own, the space I could throw together dinners and call my friends over for a taste, or burn a few somethings in. It was here I learned  the subtleties of herbs, the richness of spice and what a dash more of salt could do to a dish.

I did putter around with baking back when I lived in India, although I never went at it alone. I was the one that stood back and ‘handed-over’ the ingredients and did the occasional stirring, lest I ruined the dish. But it was a step towards trying out (and sometimes failing miserably) new dessert recipes and the occasional rice and dal. I didn’t have to worry much about putting a meal together because I came from a family of fabulous cooks! But when I did decide to put my cooking gene (I’d like to think I have one) to the test, I had an awesome group of testers/guinea pigs (yup the family and later on a fabulous and encouraging group of friends) who were ever so kind and motivating with their criticisms or their lack of!! I felt nothing but love!

The motivation and muse behind this project has been my awesome husband, and a close friend. The inspiration has been my family, the search for new flavours, and an annoying trait I have that I would like to call the ‘fidget’, to explain it simply its the urge to create new things.

I enjoy cooking, and that’s all it is. I love cooking for family and friends or just for my husband. Now I would like to share what I have created with you.

2 thoughts on “Beginnings

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  • June 3, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Hi, had your potato chaat at the OPS south asian month celebration on May 31 – delicious! would you post or email that recipe please!


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